About Us

I have been teaching for more than 15 years. Not only am I a certified teacher but I am also a linguist and a translator. I have lived and worked abroad for many years. I am an expat specialist and a language expert.


 I know perfectly well and understand the challenges of learning a new language and the difficulties of settling abroad.comillas-2


Valerie Besnard | Founder of Languageonline and course designer

Fully dedicated to education, I founded Languageonline to train people all over the world in English and French. I chose to teach via a virtual platform because it is a flexible, convenient and interactive means to learn a language efficiently. I provide individual support and I also offer positive encouragement and reinforcement to keep the learners focused and motivated.

  • Why choose Languageonline ?

    There are many advantages and benefits to learning languages with us. We are language specialists and expat experts. We design the courses according to your own needs. We use a  virtual classroom that enables you to communicate using a webcam, a chat-box and to share documents (written, audio or video) on an interactive whiteboard. It recreates a learning environment as if you were in a traditional language school. It engages and motivates more because of its efficient interactiveness. This new alternative solution will save you time because you will not have to go to a language school in town. It is convenient because you can enjoy learning in the office, from home or in a hotel while on a trip.


  • Identify your needs

    You have always dreamed of learning French or English or you want to improve your skills
    You are going to travel to a French or English speaking country and need to learn basic communication skills
    You are a professional and need to improve your French or English to boost your career possibilities
    You are an expat and need to learn the basics in French or English to be able to communicate to make your everyday life easier
    You want to take official exams
    Your kids are in local schools abroad and you want them to practice their writing skills


  • Our Method

    Languageonline offers live one-to-one tailor-made lessons because it is the best way to boost both your level and skills. We design our courses according to your own needs. Thus, you will be able to improve your speaking and writing skills, your vocabulary, grammar and cultural knowledge.

    First, Languageonline will interview you in English or Spanish or French to determine your objectives and find out more about you. Then you will be assessed in the target language. Once the objectives are clear enough, you will choose from our different courses. The lessons can last 20 minutes, 30 minutes or 45 minutes depending on your needs and time availability. After each lesson, you will receive a feedback with some tips to learn more and some material to work on to consolidate the lesson. Our approach uses the communicative teaching method that emphasizes interaction. The grammar objectives and the vocabulary are presented in real situations, which is the best way to comprehend and retain the concepts. You will be exposed to authentic audio and written documents. We provide stimulating lesson plans that facilitate the learning process.

    Languageonline aims at engaging you in the learning process to keep you motivated and appropriately challenged.